How (and why!) I stopped washing my hair

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If you’re interested in reducing the amount of time you spend getting ready each day (who isn’t?) then this post is for you! Read on for insights into my alternative hair-care journey and what low-maintenance method I’m loving now!

We all know how hard it can be to find time for yourself, but even when we carve out an extra 30 minutes without kids clinging to us, the last thing we want to do is spend it drying our hair, amiright?

A couple of years ago I become really dissatisfied with my hair care routine: it was taking too long, left my hair limp and lifeless and then, even after I stopped washing every day, my hair would reach it’s perfect texture peak for about a day… and then immediately become too greasy. It seemed like a pointless cycle of overwashing and drying out my hair, only to have it become overly oily and unmanageable soon thereafter.

I tried countless ways of natural shampoo methods but was never really satisfied! Watch the video below to hear what I tried and used for years to get my hair out of the habit of being washed super often. I also share my tips for a natural (made from kitchen staples!) dry shampoo concoction and my favorite natural bristle brush that makes all the difference (this is a similar one at a great price!).

Now that my hair has transitioned from its previous problems (being either dry and flat or greasy and gross) I actually don’t see much greasiness at all! I still wash about once a month and use a more natural shampoo that I found at my local health food store (this is one combo that we love).

If it gets unmanageable between those washes, I will either wash it with just water (wet it down, scrub hard with my fingernails and rinse) or I use a squirt or two of New Wash which works pretty well at getting rid of buildup without making my hair too clean (but I think my baking soda and ACV combo worked just as well and cost pennies on the dollar!).

I know this is a lot of information and can seem like too much work to try to figure out the best routine for your hair type and lifestyle but I promise it’s worth it! My hair has never been healthier or prettier and I spend about 1/8th the amount of time caring for it as I used to.
Bonus: my curls last several days now (even after sleeping on it and putting it up in a ponytail to exercise) which never happened with traditional shampoos!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any sort of alternative hair care products or ideas and what’s worked for you!

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