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As much as I love trying to dress stylishly, even when just hanging out at home with the kids, I don’t usually put much effort into my jewelry. Oh, i’ll spend ages looking through stores like HARUNI admiring the pieces for sale, but while I have a few decent pieces that I get a lot of use out of, they’re mostly statement pieces that are impractical to wear to Walmart with 7 kids.
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I’ve been looking for more simple, everyday pieces that dress up my outfit without going overboard, but I also don’t want to spend a ton of money (especially considering how hard my children try to strangle me with my necklaces). The pieces pictured here are from Rocksbox and I’m really impressed with them!

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Rocksbox is actually a jewelry rental service, where you pay a flat monthly fee ($19) and are then sent 3 gorgeous pieces of designer jewelry to keep as long as you like! It’s an easy way to stay up on all the latest jewelry trends of the season.
In my first box, I got these two beautiful layering necklaces. I could seriously wear the short one every day since it’s so easy and unobtrusive. The longer one I save for dates with Luke and for church.
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But my favorite piece is these filigree earrings. They are so pretty in real life! All three pieces look really good together and I think fancy earrings just seem to pull a whole outfit together.
Now the best part! You can try a full month of Rocksbox for free with the code bonniewhiskemxoxo! You even get to request the pieces you like best on their website and, if you fall totally in love with a piece, you always have the option to purchase it.
If you try it out, let me know what you think!
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I’m getting ready to send my first box back and I’m excited to see what I get next. It’s basically like getting a birthday present in the mail anytime you want…from a friend who has impeccable taste and would never send you a lame sweater.

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