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Guys – I made my first button down shirt!  I’ve been wanting to do one forever but was a little nervous about the time consuming nature of plackets and buttons and collars and yokes.  But I found this free pattern from Spit up and Stilettos and and decided I would just make the perfect black and white gingham top I’ve been searching for.

I got the fabric from Indiesew’s fabric shop a couple months ago.  They don’t have it anymore but they do have some other fabulous apparel fabrics for a limited time  – once they sell out they’ll get different stuff.  Indiesew also has the greatest winter pattern collection available! I just bought the mini collection and can’t wait to make it all! Especially the hooded vest…a perfect layering piece for the desert.


I knew I wanted a little extra detail or a fun je ne sais quoi to make this shirt stand out.  I dabbled with the idea of a lace yoke or hem but then realized that I was just slightly short on fabric (story of my life when i buy fabric for fun instead of for a specific project!).  I realized I’d have to go with shorts sleeves and a contrast yoke to make it work.

I spied some faux leather scraps from Girl Charlee in my stash (used for this dress for Vivian) and knew it was meant to be!  I lined the yoke with a piece of gray cotton so that the leather wouldn’t be up against my skin and then decided to add a front pocket in the same fabric (bonus: no need to hem it!).


As for the sleeves, I just cut them short (about to the elbow) and then cuffed them twice and hand-tacked them in place.   I’m now noticing that the front pulls a bit across my nursing bosoms (ha!) so I probably should have made a large instead of medium, but it should fit just perfectly when that phase of life is over.



I also wish I’d had enough small black buttons for the front – another one of those can’t-get-to-Joann-and-buy-what-i-need-for-this-project-so-i-just-ransack-the-stash moments.  One of these days I’ll probably replace them with something more fun.


This shirt is comfy, the perfect length and a great throw-on-and-go top.  A much quicker and smoother sew than I anticipated and can’t wait to make more!




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    November 23, 2015 at 4:08 am

    Ooooooh, LOVE it!! The leather (pleather? do we call it that?) with the gingham is perfect!! And you! Look how cute and slim you are!! Makes me wish I could sew, so I could make all my dream outfits. Love ya!

    • Reply
      November 26, 2015 at 4:56 am

      That is definitely a perk! Cheap(ish) clothes to my specifications! love you back!

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