Flattering Post-Partum Pounds & DIY: The Jumpsuit


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I don’t want to brag, but I’m really, really good at gaining weight.  I’ve gained almost a solid 40 lbs with each pregnancy and I’ve been pregnant lots of times.  The benefit to this talent of mine is the necessity to figure out how to best dress those unwanted pounds.  In fact, my wardrobe consists of clothing in about 4 different sizes, just to make sure I have something to wear after each baby’s birth.

I’m excited to start a series where I share my favorite wardrobe pieces that flatter extra curves so that you can try them out too.  Even if you’re not currently in baby-making mode, if you find yourself with extra weight hanging around (be it post-vacation, post-break-up or post-period – ha!) then I hope these tips help you out too.


I’m looooving the jumpsuit trend.  Another one of those that I said I’d never try and yet now find myself with 3 different ones in my closet.  This is the only one I’ve made so far and I’m obsessed!

This pattern comes from the BurdaStyle March Flagship digital publication which you can buy HERE.  There are lots of cute patterns included and this one was a cinch to whip up.  The only thing I changed was the waistband.  The shirring didn’t give me enough elasticity so I just added some 2″ elastic to the waist piece (it was already lined so i didn’t even need to create a casing).  I also added a snap in the front to keep me covered.


The fabric is from Joann which I HAD to have after seeing Merrick’s maxi dress that she made with it.  It’s stretchy, silky and super duper comfy.  And don’t underestimate the camouflaging powers of a jumpsuit and a busy print.  As long as it’s not too blousy, a jumpsuit simply skims over the extra curves and cinches you in just enough.  I’m a huge fan!

P.S.  My store bought jumpsuits are from Loft.  They have lots of cute summer ones right now and a huge sale!


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