DIY Leopard Wrap Skirt


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Give me a tried and true pattern, a fun printed fabric and a couple of hours and I’ll sew up a wrap skirt! This DIY leopard wrap skirt is comfy, flattering and super easy to make. Read on for all the details.

There are a few pieces I always gravitate to when sewing because they’re so easy and so satisfying! Skirts are one of them. I love dressing up and adore the flexibility of separates so a top and skirt are one of my favorite combos.

If this wrap pattern looks familiar, it’s probably because I’ve already made it before and wore the heck out of it. This floral version is one of my favorite closet staples (when I’m not pregnant). I gush all about why wrap skirts are my favorite in that post but suffice it to say that any article of clothing that helps me dress an ever expanding/shrinking body, is a WIN in my book!

I was almost 16 weeks pregnant in these photos and the skirt was most definitely not fitting the way it did originially, but it still tied around my waist and looked pretty good! This pattern’s length is also sufficient to pull it over a little belly and still have it hit right at the knee. Score.

The pattern is Simplicity 8606 and the fact that I sewed it up even twice is a testament to its amazingness. I’m not a fan of sewing the same thing more than once so now you know it’s a home run.

I bought this amazing leopard crepe fabric from Blackbird fabrics last year and they no longer carry it, but I did find it HERE. It is seriously one of my ultimate favorite fabrics I’ve ever bought – the colors, the drape, I love all of it!

Ok, I won’t go on all day about how much I love this skirt, but I think you know now.

Have you ever sewn a wrap dress or skirt? If not, you’ve got to try this one!

If you’re interested in trying a wrap top pattern, check out this one that I made in a whimsical red gingham…

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