DIY: Embroidered Shoes


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Hop on the latest trend with this simple DIY:
upcycle an old pair of canvas slip-ons with colorful patches!

Have you guys been noticing all the fun embroidered patches popping up lately?  I’ve seen them on jeans, jean jackets, utility-style shirts and even shoes!  I spotted these cute striped slip ons recently and just died at the cuteness!  I love me a fun trend, especially where color and stripes are involved.  [spacer height=”20px”]So I dug out some old striped shoes of my own and got to work!

The best part about this project is that it takes like 5 minutes…and shoes with this much character make the whole outfit!  I love them here with neutral pants and top but a solid colored dress or jeans and a tee would work well too.  I just love that fun pop of color and whimsy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Patches – I used these for this project but also bought these bigger ones to try adding to a jacket or jeans later![spacer height=”20px”]Old shoes  – I had these from H&M last year but check out these and these![spacer height=”20px”]Hot glue gun, iron &/or super glue (see below)

This hardly qualifies as a tutorial, but this is what I did:  I first laid out my patches on the shoes to see how many looked good and how to arrange them.  I tried to get a good combo of colors and shapes, but it could be fun with just a single color or a bunch of the same design as well!

Depending on the patches you use and the materials of your shoes, you might need to try different things to attach them.  If you can find iron on patches, then that’s easiest obviously, but you’ll want to make sure your shoes can withstand the heat.  [spacer height=”20px”]I used a combo of iron & super glue, although the glue did discolor the shoes a bit where it seeped out under the edges of the patches. Hot glue or gorilla glue could also work well!  [spacer height=”20px”]If you try it and find something else that works well, let me know!

Pants  || similar top

For the easiest DIY I’ve ever done, I think it has a lot of impact and makes me smile every time I look down!  [spacer height=”20px”]Check out the widget below for some amazing ready-to-wear pieces sporting the patch trend, including the shoes that inspired these…[spacer height=”20px”]

Photos by Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

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