8 Kids + Disneyland!


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We survived taking the whole crew to Disneyland! Here are some of our goofs and a highlight video.

We DID it!  We survived Disneyland with the whole crew!  I’m working on an in-depth post all about how to do Disneyland with, like, a billion children in tow, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy a couple pics and the highlights of our rookie mistakes…

I packed extra underwear and shorts for any and all children who might have an accident…except the baby.  This baby usually poops once every 10 days, no lie.  And yet on this trip she pooped during every. single. feeding.  What the..?! If you look closely in the first pic, you’ll notice that she’s actually naked in that Solly Baby wrap because she blew out all over herself and me just minutes before entering the park on the first day.  Oy vey.  We took this pic and then I found a cute Minnie onesie in a Main Street shop for her to wear the rest of the day.

Getting pooped on at the Most Magical Place on Earth: check!

We’d only managed a couple rides before getting in line for It’s a Small World, a nice, quiet ride that we knew everyone would enjoy and would last long enough for us to catch our breath.  When we got towards the front of the line, the lady putting people on boats hustled us to the front because we had the perfect amount of people to fill the next boat in line.  So we dashed down there, hopped in and sat back to relax.  A few minutes in, I was enjoying myself enough to glance around at all the kids’ faces.  I especially wanted to see Vivian’s reaction…but alas, no Vivian!

Cue high-strung-mom-hyper-panic-mode.  We’re stuck on a boat, in the middle of the LONGEST RIDE EVER and I’m missing a kid.  I start calling all my extended family members (who were in the park with us) to see if anyone is nearby and can come find her.  Vivian had my cell phone number written on her arm so I start wondering why no one is calling me and totally expecting the worst.  I’m poised to leap out of the boat as soon as we spy daylight (with a baby strapped to me, no less) when all of a sudden my phone rings and it’s Disneyland security with a lost little girl.  HALLELUJAH!  We come out of the ride and see her sitting up at the control booth with a nice lady and a Mickey Mouse sticker, completely unconcerned.

Losing a child (and having a heart attack) at the Most Magical Place on Earth: check!

Right as we’re walking in the park on the first day, Liam confesses he’s not feeling very well and proceeds to visit every bathroom we pass for the next 5 hours.  By 2pm, he’s miserable and just needs to rest so we sent him back to the hotel with our sitter.  Poor kid missed out on most of the first day but thankfully was back to normal for day 2!

Having a kid get sick at the Most Magical Place on Earth: check!

Overall I think everyone had a great time and you know nothing will keep me away from the place…  Only next time we’ll probably leave the littlest ones home with grandma.

Check out this highlight video of our favorite parts of the trip!

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    May 4, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Oh my goodness! What a fun and memorable trip. You should get an award!

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