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  • Keeping It Real

    Mindset, Parenting

      You know how everyone’s always saying that nobody’s genuine on the internet anymore?  Well, I’ve got genuine right here for you. I have been completely, frantically and exhaustingly (that’s a…

  • 5 Keys to a Happy Mom


    I’m gonna take a quick moment to state the obvious: Motherhood is HARD.  If you are a mother or you had a mother or you know a mother, you certainly know…

  • Look Up


    Westport House, Connemara, Ireland I read this great little story in our church’s magazine the other day: A woman who had recently lost her daughter in an accident woke up early…

  • Faith and fear, hope and doubt


    I’m kind of obsessed with color so this last Christmas I challenged myself to decorate with only white, silver and gold just to prove a point.  See!?  I did it!  I…

  • Mustard Grains


    In our church we have this super awesome bi-annual conference that the whole church/world is invited to watch.  Amazingly, no matter what I am struggling with or concerned about at the…

  • Sunday Thoughts


    If you have kids, and you go to church, then you know that listening to a single sentence all the way through is nearly impossible in that setting.  Crying and fighting…