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Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to dress in boring colors!  
Here’s some inspiration for dressing colorfully even when it’s cool outside.

I just love color, don’t you??  Even if you’re not a fan of dressing in candy-colored hues (which I obviously am), I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t get just a little bit happier when they encounter a gorgeous blue sky or a brightly painted wall.  Color is one of those fun, unnecessary things that I think God gave us just to be happy!

And while I love embracing warm, soothing autumn-inspired tones like rust, army green and navy, I just can’t give up my colorful outfits simply because everyone else has packed away their fuschia!  If you’re hesitant to wear bold, bright colors, you can also brighten your outfit a bit with more toned-down hues.  Just pick a color that looks amazing on your skin tone and work it, girl! (Check out my sweet friend Reachel’s blog to figure out what colors you should be wearing).

See widget below for outfit details (except my watch!)

As I get a little older, I try to tone down lots of bright colors with a decent dose of neutral, like all black on the bottom half here.  But if color is your thing, don’t be afraid to rock it from head to toe!  Some of my favorite style icons, who wear all-over color without shame are Color Me Courtney, Splendid Rags, and Pink Hair Shopper who proves that being fabulous doesn’t have an age limit!  Isn’t she amazing??




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