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Get a head start on your back-to-school goals with these tips and tricks!

Did anyone else’s summer pass by like lightning??  There are lots of schools in the Phoenix area with modified year-round schedules which means that some of our cousins and friends went back to school last week!  That’s just crazy, if you ask me.

We’ve still got a little vacationing to do this summer so we’re not starting our homeschool year for a while, but regardless of what your school year looks like, it’s a some sort of parenting rule that school mornings are NUTS (even when we don’t have anywhere to be)!

We’ve tried SO many tricks for getting kids up and moving in a timely fashion and ensuring that they complete all their daily tasks.  I’m excited to share our morning routine with you guys that’s worked pretty darn well for us recently.  This year I’ve got a few new tips up my sleeve to make things even easier!

First of all, we have expectations for what the kids need to do every morning outlined on a laminated piece of paper on the side of the fridge.  That way if they ever forget what they need to do, they know where to find it!
We also have a specific name for them; they’re called “morning basics”.  Having a clear way of communicating these expectations is much better than me yelling “did you get your stuff done?!?” all morning long.

Secondly, I make sure that kids have adequate time and resources to complete their morning routine.  That means that part of my job the night before is making sure that hairbrushes are in the right drawer, we have enough toothpaste and there’s clean underwear for everyone.  Preventing meltdowns and morning psychosis before it starts!

Lastly, (and this is my new idea for this year) I’m leaving packages of Post-it® Notes in every bathroom and bedroom.  My mind is always going a mile a minute from the second I wake up so if I have my goals for the day written down in front of my face, I’m much more likely to not only remember them, but accomplish them!  Turns out there’s some science behing this…studies have shown you’re actually 42% more likely to stick with a goal if it’s written down!

I’m really excited about this idea for the kids; I plan on using a separate Post-it® Note for each child’s morning and evening routine and leaving one on their bathroom mirror and/or their bedroom door.  While they’re brushing their hair, the note reminds them to also brush their teeth.  While they’re doing that, they see that they’re also supposed to pick up clothes and make their bed.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it helps the kids!  I’m especially in love with Post-it® Pop-Up Notes Dispenser because it keeps my Post-it® Notes protected from water in the bathroom.

I have a really intense list-making face.  Don’t mess with a mom on a mission.

And while I’m goal setting, I’ve also stashed Post-it® Super Sticky 4″ x 6″ Lined Notes in my bathroom and night stand.  This pad is the perfect size for a to-do list and I’m always needing more of those.  Does anyone else have random thoughts and errand reminders come to them in the shower or in the middle of the night?? This way I’m just a step away from jotting them down and then I can carry the list around with me everywhere (slap it on my computer monitor, the car dashboard, you name it!).

So that’s it! I love feeling ready for the new school year with my goals already outlined and a plan in place.

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