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I could sit and look at newborn pictures all day long! I hope you enjoy these shots from Dean’s newborn photo shoot, including some glimpses of a few siblings doting on him!

happy big brother
big siblings and newborn
swaddled tiny infant

It’s only been a few weeks since my friend Mary took these newborn photos of Dean but he already looks so much bigger and older now! The newborn stage is so fleeting, beautiful and exhausting and I’m both sad and a little glad that it’s going by so fast!

If there’s one blessing I’m constantly recognizing as a mom to a large family, it’s the blessing of perspective. So many baby stages have come and gone that I’m well able to bask in the short-term beauty of this stage while not dwelling too much on how fast it goes by, or on the overwhelm that accompanies it.

To everything there is a season and I’m trying the enjoy the best parts and ignore the tasks that aren’t getting done. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous newborn pictures of sweet baby Dean and a few of his siblings. It’s evident that one thing that Dean does not lack is a loving, doting audience!

If you want more info on the DIY nightgown I’m wearing in these pictures, I posted about it here.

newborn awake
newborn and siblings
baby infant boy
newborn yawning
newborn boy
boy siblings

I’m also excited to see what becomes of Finn and Dean’s relationship! They’re 6 years apart but Finn has already taken a liking to Dean and loves to come rub their heads together or play with his little hands.

I know lots of moms like to try to plan for same gender siblings to be close in age but I’ve also seen some really special moments between my kids with quite a bit of an age gap. The older ones tend to be really sweet and sensitive to the needs of the babies and the little ones really look up to their older siblings! Family dynamics are so interesting and I can’t wait to see how they all play out.

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