3 Reasons You Need A Password Manager

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Choosing and implementing one of these handy tools isn’t exactly an exciting task, but in today’s day and age it seems to be the only way to handle our myriad of passwords and web logins. Read on for 3 reasons why you need a password manager.

Cell phone password manager

I’m a notorious procrastinator of simple grown-up tasks that will make my life infinitely easier but that I just don’t want to do.

Like organizing my spatula drawer. Or corralling all my iPhone cords into one spot. Or signing up for a password manager.

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I used the exact same password for just about everything (except secure financial websites that made me choose one with 47 bizarre characters) for the past 10 years.
A cyber security expert I am not.

Last year I finally took the plunge, did some research and signed up for LastPass. I honestly can’t tell you all the pros and cons of every software out there, but trust me when I say that ANY password manager is better than none!

If password managers are new to you, this is what they are in a nutshell: a way to securely store ALL of your passwords, logins and critical notes to easily access any website, anywhere. You can also safely store other sensitive information (insurance cards, social security numbers, etc., basically anything that you’d like to put in a note on your phone but that you really shouldn’t). Some password managers will even give you a heads up if your information is somehow breached online.

Behold, the 3 main reasons that finally signing up for this secure software will change your life:

  1. You only have to remember 1 password for the rest of your life. Admittedly, my main LastPass password is so complicated that I may have commmitted the #1 password offense and written it down somewhere. But it’s well hidden.
    Bonus: you can even log in using your thumbprint or Face ID if your phone is compatible.
  2. LastPass automatically prompts you to save any new login information when you enter it on any of your personal devices (I have it installed on my desktop, Luke’s laptop and both of our phones). PLUS, it generates new secure passwords with the tap of a button! This is hands down my favorite feature of a password manager. No more racking your brain to come up with a unique combination of numbers and letters every other day.

    LastPass will even save multiple logins for the same website (think school or church logins). SUPER handy for a family with lots of people using the same sites!
  3. Save all your personal and financial information in one spot to make checking out online easy as pie. There’s nothing that quite puts a damper on pajama-time retail therapy than having to get out of bed and hunt down your credit card. Not that I’ve ever had to do that.

    Lastly, most of these managers offer some sort of premium program. After using LastPass for almost a year, I can confidently say that the free package is plenty sufficient for my day-to-day needs. But there are some cool features on the paid plans that might be worth a look if you’re especially concerned with security.

    So, let me know in the comments: have I convinced you that you need a password manager? Or am I the last person on the planet to start using one?

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