10 Weird Newborn Quirks: Lint in Hands, Peeling Skin and More!

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Ever been grossed out by baby crusty eye? Or wondered if it’s normal for your newborn’s skin to peel? That’s understandable since there are a lot of weird things that happen with these cute little babies! Watch the video below for 10 really strange quirks you might encounter with your newborn baby.

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Welcoming a new baby into the home is one of my favorite phases of life! The excitement of my older children, feeling like new parents all over again…it’s just so amazing (excluding the sleep deprivation and overwhelm).

I mean, look at that little face! Nothing can compare to a sweet little girl or boy to cuddle at this stage.

I realized recently that despite their cuteness level, the little bodies of these new babies go through a lot during their first few days and weeks of life. Some of these things can seem REALLY strange to a new mom, or even an experienced mom who is seeing a particular phenomenon for the first time. So I hope this helps out some fellow parents!

The video below explains 10 really common (but somewhat bizarre) quirks that you could see in your newborn including peeling, dry skin, crusty eyes and baby acne.

I realized after filming that I forgot one really common quirk: stinky hands (often filled with lint…kind of like toe jam!). Because newborns keep their little fists closed tightly for the majority of those first few weeks, they often collect lint. If you ever notice weird gunk in their fists and a funky baby smell, just know that it’s baby’s sweat and oils plus dead skin combining with lint from their clothes and blankets. Super strange but very common.

It’s a good idea to clean it out when baby is nursing because they’re nice and close to you and relaxed enough to pry those little fingers open. Sometimes I’ll use a wet cloth with warm water to help me wash it out but often I’ll just wipe it out with my own hands. I also try open baby’s fingers while bathing them with a mild cleaner but they’re often a little stressed out during bathtime and hold those little fists closed tight.

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