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Whether you need a meal plan for a family of 4 or 11, coming up with healthy and delicious dinners every day is no small task! Add in the complication of little children with picky palates and it seems insurmountable. Read on for a (unsponsored) review of my favorite weekly family meal plan service that has made our dinnertime WAY more enjoyable.

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You guys, dinnertime is like, the WORST.
I mean, my kids are pretty independent and play really well together…but the second they’re hungry in the afternoon, there are major meltdowns, fights galore, and no patience from them OR me.

Plus has anyone noticed that babies are notoriously cranky between the hours of 4-6pm too?? I swear it happens to all of them! If I don’t have a solid dinner plan in place, I’m a hot mess. In short, this was me 9 nights out of 10 until about 6 months ago.

I started using Sweet Peas Meal plans about half a year ago and it (coupled with online grocery shopping and pickup) has CHANGED my life. No exaggeration, people!

Now full disclosure: we’d actually tried Sweet Peas a year or two ago and it just didn’t work for us at the time. But as life changes and palates mature, your family’s dietary needs and desires change too. By no means do I think that there’s a mealtime solution that will work for everyone, all the time, but this one is definitely working for us right now and I just had to share!

Why this weekly family meal plan works

  1. One place to find it all: Sweet Peas used to just send the meal plan out every Thursday via email but it was really hard for me to find it in my old emails and reference past plans for recipes we loved.

    Now they have an app! It’s on the front page of my phone and within a couple clicks, I have my entire week’s meal plan and grocery list right in front of me. This is HUGE when you’re at the grocery store and need to have your list on your phone!
  2. They offer a variety of meal styles (and types of protein) that are mostly healthy and fairly kid-friendly. Yes, I get it that some kids won’t ever touch mushrooms or garbanzo beans. And there are some recipes I won’t even attempt to serve my family knowing their preferences and picky palates. But for the most part, my kids don’t make a fuss and I’m happy with the amount of veggies I’m offering them (notice I didn’t say the amount they actually eat. *sigh*)

    I’d say that most weeks, 2-3 of the 6 meals are home runs, another 2 are new yummy adventures and then there’s often one that I know my kids wouldn’t try so I’ll swap out for an old favorite.
  3. Fun bonuses! Every week there’s a drink option (although I wish they weren’t often alcoholic since we’re non-drinkers), a dessert option &/or fun, seasonal sides. There’s always a snack or side that I can’t wait to make when I open each week’s plan.
  4. They also have a FB group where you can ask questions and share tips and it’s only $15.99/month. Our family currently spends upwards of $60 every time we eat out so if having this meal plan saves us even one meal of fast food or pizza, then it’s an awesome deal! Not only is it cheaper than Netflix, it’s about 100 times healthier than fast food.
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NOTE: Most of the recipes serve 4 people and I usually only have to double that for my kids. Sometimes I’ll triple it if I know that it’s gonna be a huge hit. It definitely takes some trial and error learning how much food to make for 9 kids and a husband!

Finally, I often print a recipe out ahead of time and leave it for my big kids to start while I’m in my office working. They’ve been learning lots about cooking and I don’t have to give them access to a device to do it. Bonus: we keep the printouts of the really delicious recipes and put them in our recipe binder to make again later!

Click here to sign up for Sweet Peas weekly family meal plan and let me know what you think! The membership is just month-to-month so no need to enter into a long-term commitment.

And if you need a meal to make tonight, have you tried this roasted sausage and veggie concoction? It’s our family’s favorite healthy dinner!

**This is an unsponsored post but I am an affiliate of Sweet Peas Meals Read my full disclaimer here.

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