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Hey all!  Exciting news around here…I’ve got a new pattern all done and ready to go!  I’m just looking for a few testers to get this baby perfect and then it’s all yours. Best of all, it’s going to be FREE!

Read on for all the details and if you’re interested in testing, be sure to fill out the google form linked HERE.The Mara Lounge dress is basically all I’ve been wearing for the past 7 months.  Back in February, when Alice was born, I made this nightgown for myself so that I’d have something easy to wear around the house, while sleeping, and until I get my daily shower at 3 pm (don’t judge).

Then I made a couple more and realized that if I just threw on a belt and some shoes, it could totally pass for a real out-and-about dress!  YES!  I love it so much, I decided to create a full-blown pattern for you all, so that everyone can make one of these amazing dresses (or 3!) for themselves.

The best part?? There’s an optional snap placket for all you nursing mamas out there!  Funny story: I used buttons on that first nightgown back in March, and after countless nights of just going back to sleep with the dang thing wide open (doing buttons at 3am? fuhgettaboutit) I knew that the next one was gonna have to have snaps!  You can thank me later.

Isn’t the transition from homely housedress to cute outfit amazing?  No one will ever know you just woke up and rolled out of bed!

I’d love to get some testers for the Mara Lounge dress so that I can make sure the pattern is completely up to snuff.  If you’re interested in sewing one up and sending me feedback and photos, please fill out this form.  I can’t guarantee I’ll use everyone who signs up but I would really appreciate anyone who’s willing!

Thanks so much!  Keep an eye out for the official release in about 2 weeks.  Yay!

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