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  • Skin Cancer: The Before

    Life, Video

    Have you or a loved one received a non melanoma skin cancer diagnosis? It’s normal to be confused, frustrated and frightened. Skin cancer is incredibly common and very rarely as serious…

  • Style Trends Worth Investing In

    Fashion, Video

    Need help figuring out what styles are just passing fads and which are here to stay? Check out these top 5 pieces that are worth keeping in your closet for the…

  • Wrap T-Shirt Refashion

    Tutorial, Video

     The wrap style is right on trend: sew your own wrap top with this easy peasy sewing refashion t-shirt tutorial. All you need is two T-shirts and a couple of seams…

  • In Praise of Boring Moms

    Parenting, Video

    You know how all the “other” moms are always doing fun arts and crafts with their kids (clean floors be darned) and playing board games and giving their kids undivided attention…

  • 8 Kids + Disneyland!

    Parenting, Video

    We survived taking the whole crew to Disneyland! Here are some of our goofs and a highlight video. We DID it!  We survived Disneyland with the whole crew!  I’m working on…

  • When you just wanna quit

    Faith, Parenting, Video

    Have you ever just wanted to throw in the towel on motherhood? There’s nothing wrong with you, I promise! (Quick and dirty vlog version of this post at the end!) I…