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  • Getting Kids Out the Door


    Is getting kids out the door one of the worst parts of your day? Here are some of our favorite tricks for making “go time” more smooth! When strangers learn that…

  • Mom Friends

    Fashion, Parenting

    Are you taking time out of the chaos of motherhood for yourself? Here’s why time with friends should be considered an investment in yourself! Alright mamas, quick poll: when’s the last…

  • Let It Go


    Balancing control in motherhood is never easy. Read on for tips about letting go of the unimportant! I’d always considered myself to be a pretty easy going person, until I had…

  • Raising Daughters


    Confession: Luke and I really wanted a girl with my first pregnancy.  Not only was I obsessed with the idea of dressing & cuddling a cute little mini-me, but we both come…

  • In Praise of Boring Moms

    Parenting, Video

    You know how all the “other” moms are always doing fun arts and crafts with their kids (clean floors be darned) and playing board games and giving their kids undivided attention…

  • Keeping Kids Alive at the Pool


    These tips a great place to start to keep kids safe at the pool this summer. Whether you have a pool, visit the beach or camp near a lake, these ideas…